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Cloche Bell Jar with Candle Set


A unique gift within a gift, this beautiful set includes an eco-friendly luxury candle that comes sheltered in an antique-style glass cloche bell jar with a wood base. Truly one of a kind.

This gorgeous gift set looks like it's right out of an old apothecary! While the hand poured candle can't be burned with the cloche bell jar on top of it, they are a stunning pair and the cloche with wood base can be used for decades after to display any knickknack or small heirloom you desire!

Set Includes:

  • One 4oz travel sized White Sage aromatherapy candle: Burning sage or smudging is one of the oldest methods of cleansing people or purifying space. Native American sage burning is the most commonly recognized, but it's practiced in many other cultures. This vegan candle is handmade with natural 100% plant-based wax & blended with white sage leaves. Cotton wick is used for clean burning & wax is natural white color and NO color dye is added.
  • One glass cloche bell jar: Dimensions 3" x 4 7/8"
  • One natural wood slice candle coaster base: The appearance of the wood may vary due to natural variances. The wood slices are pure natural pine slices, chemical free, and they are only processed through cutting, grinding, drying in the shade. There isn't any paint, sealant or other anti-corrosion finishes applied, so some of the wood bark will naturally fall off. Since these wood slices are all natural some may have imperfections but these are just the characteristics of natural wood. 3 to 3.5” diameter

Made in USA, Eco-Friendly

This creative California-based brand creates beautiful artisan candles in their own dedicated workshop using old-world methods to infuse plant-based wax with natural oils and blend in dried flora to create authentic botanical and herbal fragrances. In the spirit of an old-world apothecary, these unique candles are formulated with aromatherapy and light or candle therapy benefits in mind but, are also wonderful as simply, a natural home fragrance.