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Japanese Denim


Designed after a pair of Levi's from the 50's, these insanely unique jeans were made in a 100 year old factory in Tennessee!

Japanese Selvedge denim, which is highly sought after, was imported to a factory in North Carolina to be milled. From there, it went to a Tennessee factory that's over 100 years old that was used to make jeans way back then! Using that traditional factory, these jeans were made and hand sewn.

Imported from Japan, the fabric is raw denim that has not been pre-washed or put through any distressing process and the indigo is sewn in its natural state, just like back in the day. This means the jeans will arrive incredibly stiff, and then over time they'll soften, distress and wear in a way that will fit you like no other pair. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they get!

What, exactly, is "selvedge denim"? This particular type of fabric was used in all jeans prior to the 1950's. Produced on shuttle looms, the fabric was tightly woven, heavy, and came with finished edges (which was called a "self edge"). Hence the term "selvedge". So the style that inspired these jeans matches perfectly with the denim used to make them!

This denim hasn’t been treated with any chemicals that would prevent shrinkage, so please know that when you end up washing or soaking your jeans, they’ll shrink by 5%-10%.

This brand's motto is "always seek beauty in objects that are rough and disheveled", and you can tell! Intrigued by vintage haberdashery since she was very young, the owner's grandparents were Italian immigrants that became successful as tailors in the USA. As such, they taught her to use what might otherwise be thrown away by mending and repairing things to make them look new again right before her eyes. She prides herself on reinventing goods and creating in small batches. She creates all of her pieces in her studio in Rocky River, OH so each piece is unique, making her products that much more special.

Size 30, 32, 34, 36